An audiobook app redesign

Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with Storytel.


Storytel is mainly an audiobook app which operates on a monthly subscription basis.

Project Objective

The objective of this redesign is to reduce bounce rate of app.


After gathering some data from surveys and interviews, I found that users usually prefer to listen to audiobooks when they are either:

  • driving,

  • relaxing before sleep, and/or

  • doing housework.

And the reasons why they enjoy listening to audiobooks are usually because:

  • they can multitask,

  • listen wherever they are, and

  • that they can give their eyes a break.

Most users also agree that listening to audiobooks is relaxing and a form of stress-reliever.

"Storytel’s biggest demographic is among consumers aged 25 to 44, ..."


Based on the data, I came up with a persona that fits the market.

Ashley is a housewife who likes listening to audiobook while cleaning the house.

She finds that if she spends too much time selecting a book or pick up where she left off, it puts her off her main tasks.

User Journey + Emotional Schema

With the current app, she finds a lot of hindrance throughout the navigation and find it's not very friendly for on-the-go because she needs to stop and consider where each thing she is looking for is located.

Problem Statement
Users are forced to stop and think every step of the way because of confusion and uncertainty, which hinders the supposedly relaxing experience.

Design Solutions

  • Guide users

  • Show feedback

  • Match existing design knowledge

  • Categorise and correlate relevant information


Future Development

  • Creating a community on the app itself:

    • Allowing users to follow other profiles to see what they're reading.

    • Allow users to have a friend list to share and recommend books to each other privately or publicly.

    • Encourage users to rate and review book by providing point systems where they can grow a tree.